FALLOUT ASYLUM: Principal Photography

After nearly a week of principal photography on the new film I’ve written for the SyFy channel, I’m happy to report that we’re making something friggin’ awesome.

So far, we’ve shot with an incredible cast including Spun Out’s Holly Deveaux and Heartland’s Amber Marshall, plus Jason Cermak, Lara Zaluski, Roger LeBlanc, Graham Littlefield and Megan Tracz as our heroes, getting into all kinds of nasty trouble at the end of the world. And some of them even live through it.


It’s been a pretty wild time, with weather giving us the gift of gorgeous snowfalls, and making us pay the price by having to shoot in -15 degrees. You can’t even pay for that kind of production value! Well, I guess James Cameron can…

Between doing some on-the-fly re-writes, running a camera, animating graphics, and supervising visual effects, I’ve actually had some time to do a bit of directing, if you believe it! And working with huge talents like the extraordinary DP Neil Cervin, and David Winning (he directed the Power Rangers sequel), it really is a dream team to have on board to bring this screenplay to life!

As of right now, IMDb is telling us that there’s a September 2014 release… so keep watching here, and keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for the #FalloutAsylum hashtag for updates from all of us!



Writing, Directing & Producing for SyFy in Calgary


We go to lens on Fallout Asylum on Thursday, and I’ve spent the past week on location in Calgary with Nomadic Pictures, hard at work getting to a shooting script for the SyFy network.

With the reality setting in of which actor is playing which role, when they’re available and what locations we’ll have, it’s been a great process of collaborating with all the departments to be sure we’re making just the right movie for just the right tone and excitement on-screen at just the right price.

On this project so far I’ve had the chance to work along side folks from the props department on “Chronicles of Riddick”, as well as a bunch of folks who worked on Nolan’s new film, “Interstellar”, and at least two people who have worked on Power Rangers movies. Say what you will about Judi Dench acting in a Vin Diesel movie, this crew is pretty top-notch.

Keep your eyes here; there’s more to come about Fallout Asylum!


Six Day Road Header

SIX DAY ROAD – Episode Zero

“When two sworn enemies awaken in the snowy wreckage of an avalanche, their only hope for survival lies in reconciling their differences.”

This is a single episode of a 9-part Post-Apoclayptic Western series that plays in the same univierse as Six Reasons Why. I made it with some very talented folks: Melissa D’Agostino, Caden Douglas and Marco Timpano.

I hope you dig it!


Melissa D'Agostino as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel Song

Man of Steel Song Wins at Dragon Con!

WINNER Silver Dragon at 2013′s DragonCon Film Festival and Official Selection at LabCab Fest 2013!

“With Marvel showing up DC at the box office, Man of Steel better make lots of money if the other members of the Justice League stand a chance of having their shot on the big screen – and the entire JLA has come out to lament the dismal future of their careers.”

A fun music video I directed that has screened and won at some exciting festivals around the world, we poke fun at Warner Brothers for dropping the ball on some of the most iconic characters in comics, all to the tune of the Crash Test Dummies’ “Superman’s Song”.

I hope you dig it!


Wolverine vs Gladiator

Wolverine Vs. Gladiator in Les Miserables

“Hugh Jackman is Wolverine is Jean Valjean and Russell Crowe is Gladiator is Javert in the action-movie version of “The Confrontation” from the musical “Les Miserables”!”

When I heard the casting for the Les Mis film, I couldn’t help but imagine these two in a battle… and so this happened when Melissa D’Agostino and Adam Lazarus helped me bring it into the real world for everyone to see!

How’d we do it? Here’s a peek:




Ca$hi: 7 Grains… Lying to You

Sometimes I get political. In the spring of 2012, investigations revealed that Kellogg was using GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in some of the ‘natural’ products they sell under the brand name of Kashi.* 

Since the FDA does not regulate the word ‘natural’ in the way it does the word ‘organic’, Kellogg’s claim of Kashi being ‘natural’ is not illegal.

And a “Yes” vote on Prop 37 would make this more than unethical, it would make it illegal.


*USA Today, April 29, 2012

Movie Review: From Vegas to Macau

The return of the God of Gamblers in casinos from East to West

We all remember Chow Yun Fat in his iconic role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and his fans from Asia and all over the world are excited with his latest project, From Vegas to Macau. Set to be released during the Chinese New Year in 2014, Chow will again be one of the protagonists in this fourth installment of the God of Gamblers film series. However, the actor denied that this movie is a direct sequel to his previous role as Ko Chun, a skillful player in gaming tables. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, he laughingly said that this is actually a cop movie, despite the misleading title which contains two of the most popular gambling destinations in the world. Guess we’d have to wait and see for ourselves.

The movie has a stellar cast of Hong Kong’s finest actors namely Nicholas Tse, Chapman To, Natalie Meng, Jing Tian, Benz Hui, Max Zhang, Philip Ng, and Sammy Sum. Veteran kung fu actor Nicholas Tse’s role is that of a man who wanted the God of Gamblers as a mentor but ended up learning how to be a better person, not just a master player. If he only knew that a few trips to The Venetian in Macau will hone his skills enough to make him shine like [betfair]’s poker ambassador Jonathan Driscoll, he wouldn’t have bothered. Chow Yun Fat, when asked about the role of Nicholas Tse, said that the latter will be responsible for all the action. Chapman To, on the other hand, is in charge of the comedic side of the film. According to the director Wong Jing, this installment will have elements of comedy in large amounts, more than the previous movies under the franchise. Fans should also anticipate a new storyline and new developments in characterization.

The first God of Gamblers movie was released in 1989, and it was about a clever gambler who lost his memory and later befriended by a hustler who came to know about his extraordinary gambling abilities. God of Gamblers 2 (1991) was about a man who was down on his luck, so he sought the aid of the master gambler in order to become his disciple. God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai was released in the same year as the second film, and it focused on the ESP powers of the recurring characters in the franchise. There’s a big pressure on the fourth installment to live up to the first three, and fans can hardly wait to watch From Vegas to Macau, especially since it’s bound to be both hilarious and action-packed. It’s expected to do well not just in Hong Kong but all over Asia, and might appeal to Hollywood fans who enjoy casino movies.